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  • Pallet Recycling

    Recycling is vital to the health of our Earth! Here at D&L we go above and beyond to ensure no pallets are wasted in the process of selling, buying or reusing pallets. Go green with D&L Pallets! D&L Pallets works hard to provide quality pallets to our customers. Pallets we can not sell to our clients are recycled to be used in multiple ways. Whether we dismantle them and use the boards or turn them into mulch, no pallet D&L Pallets takes out of circulation ends up in a landfill! With 25+ years of service under our belt, we here at D&L Pallets are experts in all things pallet related. Recycling pallets is important not only to our company, but community as well. We strive to make a positive impact on our environment everyday. Our process is simple! Evaluating Pallets When we receive a shipment of pallets, we sort and evaluate each one based upon multiple criteria. Quality (Condition of each of the boards on the pallet) Size (Is it a common size or is it customized to a business?) Amount of Repairs (The amount of repairs will change the overall grade of the pallet) Style of Pallet (Length, Width & Height) These criteria help us not only price out what we pay our sellers, but also help us decide what can be fixed or what needs to be taken out of circulation. We want to reuse pallets as best as we can, and provide quality repairs, but some pallets can not meet those criteria either. After the pallets have been sorted based upon those factors, we can begin to assess what can and cannot be put back into circulation. Repairable Pallets If a pallet needs moderate repairs, but can safely be fixed, we do those repairs on site. Our team can replace boards and add supports as needed. D&L Pallets does things differently! We want our customers to have the highest quality products. We do not pay our team based upon the amount of pallets they can fix, but based upon the hours they work. This leads to better repairs and higher quality pallets for our clients. Non-Repairable Pallets If pallets do not meet our inspection criteria, we can use our on site machine to cut the pallet. This machine is called a pallet dismantler (pictured on the left). This machine cuts apart the pallets and from there we can determine which pieces of boards are able to be reused to build new pallets, or which need to be recycled. Boards that can no longer be reused are sorted into a pile that we turn into mulch. That mulch is transported off site to an energy company. After arriving at the energy company, the mulch is used to create energy that is cycled back into our community! No piece of any pallet we handle ends up in landfills. Why Choose D&L Pallets? D&L Pallets is committed to offering not only speedy service, but superior service to our customers. We deliver and pick up at unbeatable speeds and offer a quality of service you can't beat. D&L Pallets is also committed to helping the environment and proud to say we do not waste any lumber in our process! Call us today at 678-234-9565 for a quote on buying or selling pallets!

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  • Pallets Near Me | Commerce GA | DL Pallets

    Get a quote to buy or sell Pallets More Info We care about the environment D&L Pallets uses recycled materials and environmentally friendly practices At D&L Pallets we believe it is important to do all we can to protect the environment. That is why we try to make our process as environmentally friendly as possible. We recycle and reuse as much as we possibly can. If we cannot fix pallets to our standards, then we shred them and send them to a local power plant. Not a single pallet we handle ends up in landfills! Go green with D&L Pallets! D&L Pallets is a family owned business started over 25 years ago with a single flat bed truck and 2 hard working truck drivers helping people to get rid of their pallets that were just taking up space. Years of hard work and a commitment to providing our customers with the very best has helped us to grow to where we are today. From 1 truck to a fleet of 50 tractor trailers, D&L Pallets has the touch and care to work with small businesses while also having the size to support major distribution centers. Call us today to see how we can help your company with your pallet needs! Services Products About Contact "For over 25 years we have made buying and selling pallets manageable and simple" D&L Pallets - We Buy and Sell Pallets Get some more info about our Services Services Get some more info about D&L Pallets About We can do any size pallet and we offer HEAT TREATED PALLETS Products Contact Us for info Conact Join Thanks for subscribing! Enter your email and keep up to date with all D&L Pallets deals, announcements, and more. What are you looking for? UNMATCHED SERVICE Pallets are our specialty! We offer 24-48 hour drop off and pick up. Don't wait weeks for our competitors, get speedy superior service with D&L today! COMPETITIVE PRICING We offer unbeatable prices on our pallets. Buy pallets locally with D&L and get the lowest prices around! Call today for a quote on your order. ​ WE BUY PALLETS We pay top dollar for used pallets. The best part is that we take any size or type of pallet! And we take any quality pallet, good or broken. D&L Pallets takes them ALL! YEARS OF EXPERIENCE From a humble start to now a fleet of 50 tractor trailers, D&L Pallets helps everyone from small businesses to large distribution centers. Become a part of our family today! Looking to buy pallets near you? A single tractor trailer can hold 480 pallets, when stacked 20 high. If you are in need of a trailer load of pallets we can drop a trailer at your location monthly. And if you fill up that trailer with pallets you no longer need, we will even pay you top dollar to remove them from your site. More Info Looking for a Custom Pallet Size? In our D&L Pallets shop we have the equipment to cut and make any size pallet. If you have a specific size in mind we can accommodate that as well! Fill out our custom pallets size form with the desired measurements. Submit your request and we will get back to you about creating your custom sized pallet. Custom Pallet Whatever you are looking for, D&L Pallets can help Buying pallets near you? Selling pallets near you? We got you covered! Whether you are looking for a common pallet size or a custom one, a truck load of pallets or just a few. D&L Pallets is the place for you. We work with small shops, all the way up to large distribution centers but our commitment to our customers and our employees remains the same. We are family at D&L Pallets and we hope you will trust us with your business and become a part of our family today! More about Buy and Sell Pallets with Us! Call us: 678-234-9565 Need a quote to buy or sell pallets? Conact Us

  • D&L Pallets | Commerce, Athens, Buford, & More!

    Pallets Near Me Are You Searching ‘Pallets Near Me’ Around the Athens, GA Area? Are you searching 'pallets near me' and happen to be around Athens, GA? If you are in need of Athens pallets, come to DL Pallets. Here at DL Pallets, we started our family owned business over 25 years ago with a single flat bed truck and 2 hard working truck drives helping people to get rid of their pallets that were just taking up space. Now, we have grown to become a premier seller and buyer of pallets in the Athens area. If you want to buy pallets, you can be sure that we provide the most competitive pricing in the area. We carry all pallet sizes including 48x40 GMA pallets. We can also customize any pallet to your size and specifications. We have all the equipment here to cut and make any size pallet. If you have some pallets laying around, taking up space in your yard, why not sell it to us? Yes, not only do we sell pallets, but we buy them too! We will come to you and pick them up. We take all size pallets and offer the top pricing for all of your used pallets. Here at DL Pallets, we are focused on customer satisfaction. We want to make sure that you are happy with our services, whether you buy or sell from us. When you come to DL Pallets, you will easily see why we are the number one source for Athens pallets. So if you are searching ‘pallets near me’ in the Athens area, make sure to contact DL Pallets. Call us for a quote today! Back > Contact Us Today D&L Pallets Inc. PALLETS NEAR ME HOME LEARN MORE ABOUT SERVICES PRODUCTS CONTACT More... Call us: 678-234-9565 Need a quote to buy or sell pallets? Conact Us

  • Looking to sell pallets? | D&L buys used pallets!

    Sell Pallets Near You! Sell Your Pallets to DL Pallets If you have pallets taking up space on your property, give us a call today and sell your pallets to us, here at DL Pallets. We would be happy to come pick them up and haul them away for you. You can rest assured that your pallets will be put to good use, as we sell them to businesses who use them for shipping and storage purposes. With over 25 years of being in business, we offer competitive prices for all of your pallets, so you can sell your pallets with confidence knowing that you are getting a fair price. We also pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service, so if you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to reach out to us. Thank you for considering DL Pallets as your go-to source to buy and sell pallets around the Athens, GA area! We look forward to hearing from you soon. Back > Contact Us Today D&L Pallets Inc. SELL PALLETS HOME LEARN MORE ABOUT SERVICES PRODUCTS CONTACT More... Call us: 678-234-9565 Need a quote to buy or sell pallets? Conact Us

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