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  • Questions for Pallet Suppliers

    Deciding who to buy pallets from for your business is a huge decision. They are going to be a huge part in your shipping processes and you need someone you can trust. While you may know what you are looking to buy, you may be wondering who you should buy pallets from. Who can you trust for quality pallets? Putting together a list of questions for pallet suppliers can help you better choose which company is a good fit for you! At D&L Pallets, we pride ourselves on our quality pallets, outstanding service, and unbeatable delivery and pickup times. But don't take our word for it! Let us explain what you should look for in a company supplying your pallets, and see if we're a good fit for you! Having a go to pallet supplier for your company can prove to be a beneficial tool for every business owner working with large quantities of pallets! Pallet Selection Knowing what type of pallet you need is important, but most companies can help you decide this through a series of questions about what products you are shipping. Most pallet companies will offer the standard sizes of pallets at decent rates. D&L Pallets offers customized pallets, if you can't find one that best fits your needs from our wide selection. Quality of Pallets When buying pallets, you are making an investment in your company. Pallets can be reused, resold or recycled after use. If you are looking to buy quality pallets, ask many questions about how a companies pallets are sourced. Many pallet companies have a team of repairmen who work through pallets, and are paid by how many pallets they can repair. This sometimes leads to sloppy, uncertain work. D&L Pallets pays our team an hourly wage, meaning each and every pallet gets the best repairs and work possible. Shipping & Pickup Timeframes If you are constantly dealing with large amounts of pallets coming in or out of your business, you will need to be sure to work with a company that can meet your needs, when you need them. This means ensuring they offer quick shipping and pickup times. Most Georgia pallet companies offer a timeline of a week plus for pickup and/or delivery of pallets. D&L Pallets offers 24-48 service. We pride ourselves on not only our speedy service, but our quality of service as well. Verified Record When vetting a pallet company, you want to be sure they can put some merit behind their promises. D&L Pallets can do just that! Check out our Google reviews, or call us to discuss further. We promise, you won't be disappointed! Questions for Pallet Suppliers So here are a few questions to ask... What types of pallets do you offer? How are your pallets repaired? Do you buy back pallets? What do your current clients say about your customer service? Would you consider your pallets high quality? And why. What do your delivery and pickup times look like? Do you offer emergency services? When choosing a supplier for your pallets, be sure you take the time to find the right company. This can look different for everyone dependent upon their needs! But D&L Pallets would love the opportunity to work with you!

  • How to Extend the Lifespan of Your Pallets

    At D&L Pallets, we understand that wooden pallets are an investment in your business. Maximizing their lifespan is crucial in optimizing cost-effectiveness. Whether you aim to reuse, or resell pallets, you want them to be in the best condition possible. Here at D&L Pallets, we are here to help! We are industry leaders in Georgia Pallets. We want to help you get the most out of your pallets, and offer you solutions to meet whatever your pallet needs are. Here Are Some Tips for Extending the Lifespan of Your Pallets Regular Inspections Inspecting your pallets regularly can ensure you have time to identify issues before they are too damaged to be used. Pallets receive wear and tear over time due to the nature of their use, but with inspection, you can ensure your products arrive safely. Encourage your staff and shippers to inspect the pallets regularly for signs of damage, such as cracks, splinters or loose nails. Promptly address any issues to prevent further damage and prolong the lifespan of your pallet! Proper Storage In order to get the most use out of your pallets, you need to properly store them. Inform everyone in the shipping cycle to store pallets away from direct sunlight, moisture and areas with no airflow. Keep pallets stacked neatly can also help prevent them from warping over time, or possibly falling over and causing damage. Correct Handling Techniques Using the proper handling techniques can drastically impact the lifespan of your pallets. Create and handle training for employees on proper lifting and handling procedures to avoid dropping or mishandling pallets. Dropping and mishandling pallets can cause structural damage. Using pallet jacks or forklifts with the appropriate weight capacities can prevent overloading and excessive stress on pallets. If you have questions about pallet techniques, please feel free to reach out to D&L Pallets with questions. Regular Cleaning Caring for your pallets is important. Regular cleanings can help remove dirt, debris and contaminants that can weaken pallets over time. If you are shipping food or beverages, cleaning pallets can even help you prevent pests in your pallets if their has been spills or leaks. Clean pallets periodically using a mild soap and water, and ensure they are completely dry before stacking or storing them. Repairs and Maintenance Address any damage or issues with pallets promptly. Repairing minor damage, such as loose nails or broken boards, can prevent further deterioration and extend the lifespan of the pallets. Be sure to choose the right pallet repair company for the job as well. Find a company that focuses on quality and customer service, like D&L Pallets. Investing in Quality Pallets Investing in quality wood pallets is important for your entire supply chain. High quality pallets are built to withstand the rigors of transportation and storage, resulting in longer lifespans and lower maintenance costs in the long run. Your initial investment and who you choose to do your pallet business with, will directly effect the cost-effectiveness of your pallets. Sell With D&L Pallets When the time comes that it is time to get rid of pallets. D&L Pallets is here to help you get rid of all the pallets you no longer need. Whether we can reuse them, repair them, or recycle them, we take all pallets. We pride ourselves on our sustainability and ability to repair pallets. D&L Pallets offers the best repairs on pallets in Georgia. By following these tips you can increase the life of your pallets and your investment! If you have any questions, or are looking to buy wooden pallets, please reach out to D&L Pallets!

  • Unlocking Savings: The Ultimate Guide to Wholesale Pallets

    Pallets are the unsung heroes of the logistics world, facilitating the seamless movement and storage of goods across industries. For businesses seeking to streamline their operations and reduce costs, wholesale pallets offer a strategic solution. Here at D&L Pallets, we want you to understand the advantages of navigating the purchasing process, this will serve as your roadmap to unlocking significant savings and efficiency gains through wholesale pallets. Understanding Wholesale Pallets Wholesale pallets are pallets that are purchased in bulk quantities. These pallets are generally discounted in pricing compared to regular prices of pallets. This allows businesses to stock up on pallets in large quantities, saving both time and money in the long run. Types of Wholesale pallets There are various types of pallets available for wholesale pallet purchases. D&L Pallets specializes in wooden pallets. We can offer various sizing and styles in wooden pallets. Each type of pallet has its own unique advantages and is suited for different applications and industries. Benefits of Buying Pallets Wholesale The benefits of purchasing pallets wholesale are numerous. Not only do businesses save money by buying in bulk, but they also benefit from streamlined logistics, improved inventory management, and increased operational efficiency. When purchasing pallets wholesale, it is essential to consider factors such as quantity, durability, customization options, and delivery logistics. By carefully evaluating those factors, businesses can ensure they get the best value for their investment. Tips for Maximizing the Value of Wholesale Pallets To maximize the value of wholesale pallets, businesses should focus on proper storage, handling, and maintenance practices. By optimizing pallet usage and minimizing waste, businesses can maximize their return on investment and recap the full benefits of wholesale pallet purchases. Where can you buy wholesale pallets? You can buy wholesale pallets from many trusted retailers in surrounding areas. D&L Pallets is located in Commerce, Georgia. We are top of our game in the pallet world, and want to share our deals with you! If you are interested in buying wholesale pallets, reach out to us and let's talk! We offer unbeatable pricing and unmatched customer service. Wholesale pallets offer businesses a cost-effective solution for their pallet needs. By understanding the benefits, types, and factors to consider when purchasing pallets wholesale, businesses can unlock significant savings and improve their overall efficiency. If you are ready to unlock the savings and efficiency benefits of wholesale pallets for your business, Contact us today to learn more about our wholesale pallet options and how we can help you optimize your supply chain operations. D&L Pallets looks forward to working with you!

  • Custom Wood Pallets

    Crafting Excellence: The Unrivaled Benefits of Custom Wood Pallets Logistics and shipping is the backbone of efficiency in the world of products. A vital part of the shipping lies in the quality and design of pallets. Businesses, now more than ever, are recognizing the transformative power of custom wood pallets to elevate their operations. There are a myriad advantages of opting for custom wood pallets, including shipping custom sized & weighted products, or even how you are shipping. Deciding on what kind of pallet does not have to be from a catalog. At D&L Pallets, we make custom wood pallets that work for you! Understanding the Essence of Custom Wood Pallets At D&L Pallets, we understand that one size doesn't fit all. The beauty of custom wood pallets lies in their adaptability to the unique needs of your business. These pallets are crafted with precision and tailored to your specific requirements, ensuring a seamless fit for the diverse range of products your business handles. Quality Pallets, Crafted to Perfection When it comes to transporting goods, the quality of your pallets matters. Our commitment to providing high-quality pallets is evident in every custom wood pallet we craft. Each pallet undergoes rigorous quality checks to meet and exceed industry standards. These quality pallets are not just a means to an end; they are a testament to our dedication to delivering excellence. At D&L Pallets, we do not pay our employees by the pallet they create, but instead hourly. This leads us to creating a higher quality pallet because we spend time on each pallet, ensuring it exceeds standards. The Versatility of Custom-Made Pallets Whether you're dealing with specialized products, unique storage requirements, or specific weight considerations, custom-made pallets offer a versatile solution. Our team works closely with you to design pallets that optimize space, ensure secure transportation, and cater to the specific demands of your industry. No matter what industry you are in, D&L Pallets can build custom pallets for you! Unlocking Efficiency with High-Quality Craftsmanship Custom wood pallets are more than just a logistical tool; they are a strategic asset in your supply chain. Crafted with precision and an unwavering commitment to excellence, our custom pallets unlock efficiency in material handling, reduce the risk of product damage, and contribute to the overall optimization of your business operations. Ordering custom pallets with D&L Pallets is an easy process! We set a meeting time with you to discuss the size, type and shape of your pallet. Then we can decide how many, when you need them by and how we will handle shipping them to you! Our fleet of over 50 trailers gives us a delivery advantage! Tailored Solutions for Every Business Whether you're a small business with unique shipping requirements or a large-scale operation seeking a pallet solution that aligns with your brand values, our custom wood pallets offer tailored solutions. From design to production, we collaborate with you to ensure that each pallet is a perfect fit for your business needs. No matter what size & type of custom wood pallet you need -- D&L Pallets is here to help! In conclusion, the decision to invest in custom wood pallets is a strategic move toward optimizing your logistics and ensuring the safe transportation of your products. At D&L Pallets, we take pride in our ability to provide quality, custom-made pallets that not only meet industry standards but exceed expectations. Elevate your supply chain with the craftsmanship and precision of our custom wood pallets – because when it comes to logistics, perfection is in the details.

  • Quality Pallets & Where To Buy Pallets

    D&L Pallets: Your Trusted Source for Quality Pallets. Where to buy pallets? If you are asking yourself "Where to buy pallets", look no further. D&L Pallets offers the highest quality pallets at the best price. When it comes to buying pallets for your business or personal needs, the choice of supplier can make a significant difference in the quality, cost-effectiveness, and overall success of your projects. Among the myriad of options available, D&L Pallets stands out as a reliable and preferred choice for those seeking the best in pallet solutions. In this blog, we'll explore why D&L Pallets should be your go-to source for all your pallet needs. Unparalleled Quality and Craftsmanship D&L Pallets has built a solid reputation for providing high-quality pallets. If you need wooden pallets, their commitment to excellence is evident in every product they offer. Their pallets are constructed to meet industry standards, ensuring that you receive durable, reliable, and safe pallets for your specific needs. Wide Range of Options No two projects are the same, and D&L Pallets understands that. We offer a wide range of pallet types, sizes, and materials to suit a variety of applications. Need standard 48x40-inch wooden pallets for your shipping needs? D&L Pallets has you covered. We even offer customized shapes, styles & sizes. The extensive selection ensures you'll find the perfect pallets for your requirements. If you are looking for regular pallet services, like weekly pickups or drop-offs, D&L Pallets can help build a delivery schedule to meet your needs. Our large fleet of trailers gives us the ability to drop-off trailers at your location and pick them up when you fill them up. We can do the same with delivery of pallets as well! Customization Services Sometimes, standard pallets won't cut it for your unique project. D&L Pallets offers customization services, allowing you to tailor pallets to your specific requirements. Whether it's modifying the size, adding special features, or repurposing old pallets, we have the expertise to accommodate your needs. If you are looking for wholesale amounts and pricings, please reach out to our teams to see what amounts and prices we can offer you on bulk custom pallet orders! Cost-Effective Solutions At D&L Pallets, we recognize and value the significance of operating within budget constraints. We take pride in our commitment to providing our clients with cost-effective solutions without compromising on the high standards of quality that define our products. Our dedication to maintaining competitive pricing is rooted in the understanding that businesses need efficient and affordable pallet solutions. This affordability positions D&L Pallets as the ideal choice for businesses seeking to optimize their pallet expenses without sacrificing the durability, reliability, and excellence they require. We firmly believe that quality should never be compromised by budget considerations, and our commitment to offering competitive pricing underscores our mission to be your trusted partner in pallet solutions. Environmentally Responsible Sustainability is a growing concern, and D&L Pallets takes this seriously. We offer eco-friendly options, such as recycled pallets and materials, to support your green initiatives. By choosing D&L Pallets, you're not only saving money but also contributing to a greener future. We do not let any piece of pallet go to a landfill with our go green efforts! If sustainability in the shipping world, or go green pallets is a topic for you, D&L Pallets is here to meet all of your needs! Exceptional Customer Service D&L Pallets takes pride in our customer service. we are committed to ensuring your satisfaction throughout the purchasing process. Whether you have questions about our products, need assistance in choosing the right pallets, or require post-purchase support, their friendly and knowledgeable team is ready to help. 24-48 Hour Guarantee If you need speedy service, D&L Pallets is right for you! We offer a guarantee on our delivery and pick up that is unmatched by our competitors. We can offer superior service standards because of our large fleet of trailers and quick product turnover. Our team here at D&L Pallets ensures you will get the speediest service, without giving up any of the quality in those pallets. To ensure you are never left waiting for pallets to be delivered or picked up for days, or even weeks, contact D&L Pallets for the speediest pallet service in Georgia. Conclusion When it comes to buying pallets, D&L Pallets stands out as the preferred choice for a multitude of reasons: exceptional quality, a diverse selection, customization options, cost-effectiveness, environmental responsibility, exceptional customer service, and a large distribution network. Whether you are a business seeking reliable shipping solutions or an individual embarking on a DIY project, D&L Pallets is where you should buy pallets. Our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction makes them the top choice for all your pallet needs.

  • Transform Your Logistics and Boost Your Bottom Line

    Unlocking Success: How the Right Pallets Can Transform Your Logistics and Boost Your Bottom Line In the fast-paced world of logistics, every detail counts, and the often-overlooked hero of efficiency is none other than the humble pallet. Whether you're a manufacturer, distributor, or retailer, the choice of pallets can significantly impact your operations and, consequently, your bottom line. In this blog post, we delve into the critical role that the right pallets play in unlocking success for your business. The Right Pallets For Your Company Matters. Let D&L Pallets Help You Today Enhancing Efficiency in Material Handling Efficient material handling is the cornerstone of streamlined logistics. The right pallets, strategically chosen for your specific needs, can facilitate smoother processes from the warehouse floor to the delivery truck. Improved handling means reduced labor costs, faster turnaround times, and an overall increase in operational efficiency. Optimal Space Utilization Space is a valuable commodity in any warehouse. The right pallets are not just about strength; they are about smart design. Explore how pallets tailored to your storage systems can maximize vertical space, allowing you to store more products without the need for additional square footage. Custom Solutions for Varied Products Not all products are created equal, and neither should your pallets be. Discover how custom pallet solutions can cater to the unique needs of your goods, whether you're dealing with delicate items that require extra care or heavy-duty products that demand robust support. Cost-Effective Sustainability Sustainability is not just a buzzword; it's a business imperative. Learn how choosing environmentally friendly pallet options can align with your green initiatives while also contributing to long-term cost savings. D&L Pallets offers a superior product at an unbeatable price. Contact us today for a quote. Minimizing Product Damage One of the most significant challenges in logistics is ensuring that products reach their destination in pristine condition. The right pallets act as a protective shield, minimizing the risk of damage during transit and reducing the likelihood of costly returns. Success in logistics is about making informed choices at every step, and the choice of pallets is no exception. Join D&L Pallets on a journey of discovery as we explore how the right pallets can be the key to unlocking efficiency, reducing costs, and ultimately boosting your bottom line. Stay tuned for expert insights, case studies, and actionable tips on transforming your logistics with the unsung heroes of the warehouse – the right pallets.

  • How Technology is Streamlining Supply Chain Operations

    The world of pallets is no stranger to the technology revolution. You may wonder how technology is streamlining supply chain operations on a daily basis, and we are here to explain how! The role of technology in pallet management is becoming increasingly significant. It is revolutionizing how businesses handle, track and optimize their pallet usage. Here are key aspects highlighting the impact of technology in pallet management. While D&L Pallets may not use all of these technological advancements. We do stay in the loop on all trending pallet information! RFID and Barcoding Systems: Implementing Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) and barcoding technology allows for accurate tracking and real-time visibility of pallets throughout the supply chain. This enhances inventory control, reduces the risk of errors, and improves overall operational efficiency. Pallet Tracking Software: Specialized pallet tracking software provides a centralized platform for managing pallet inventory. It allows businesses to monitor the movement of pallets, track their condition, and optimize pallet allocation for better resource utilization. This can be used with the RFID and Barcoding systems. IoT (Internet of Things) Sensors: IoT sensors embedded in pallets enable the collection of valuable data, such as location, temperature, humidity, and shock or impact during transit. This data can be utilized for quality control, ensuring that products are transported in optimal conditions. Predictive Analytics for Maintenance: Technology enables the implementation of predictive maintenance models. Sensors on pallets can monitor wear and tear, allowing businesses to schedule maintenance or replacements proactively. This reduces downtime and extends the lifespan of pallets. Automated Pallet Sorting Systems: Warehouses and distribution centers can benefit from automated pallet sorting systems. These systems use technology like conveyor belts, robotics, and automated guided vehicles to efficiently organize and move pallets, reducing manual labor and improving throughput. Cloud-Based Solutions: Cloud-based pallet management solutions offer accessibility and real-time data sharing across different locations. This promotes collaboration among supply chain partners, ensuring everyone has up-to-date information about pallet movements and availability. Mobile Applications: Mobile apps designed for pallet management provide on-the-go accessibility. Warehouse managers, logistics professionals, and truck drivers can use these apps to scan, record, and manage pallets using their smartphones or tablets. Blockchain for Traceability: Blockchain technology enhances traceability and transparency in the supply chain. By leveraging blockchain, businesses can create an immutable and secure ledger of pallet movements, ensuring the integrity of data and minimizing the risk of fraud. Optimization Algorithms: Advanced algorithms analyze data related to pallet movements, demand forecasting, and inventory levels to optimize pallet usage. This can lead to more efficient pallet allocation, reduced costs, and improved overall supply chain performance. Environmental Monitoring: Technology allows for monitoring the environmental impact of pallets, promoting sustainability. Businesses can assess the carbon footprint of their pallet operations and explore eco-friendly alternatives. Technology is transforming pallet management by introducing efficiency, visibility, and sustainability into supply chain operations. Embracing these technological advancements can lead to cost savings, improved operational processes, and a more environmentally conscious approach to pallet management.

  • Why Is D&L Pallets the Best Place to Buy Pallets?

    Finding a trusted and reliable source for buying pallets can be tricky! Not only do you want to ensure you're getting the right product at a great price point, you also want it delivered on time with quality service! Here at D&L Pallets we know we are a step above the rest for these very reasons! Quality Over Quantity You may be wondering, who makes D&L Pallets the best place to buy pallets in Georgia? Simple! We do. Why? Because we pay by the hour and not by the pallet. Our team does not rush through stacks of pallets everyday with the hopes of making a bit more for themselves. Instead, our team members spend the time making sure every detail is perfect on each and every pallet. We want every pallet that comes through our doors to leave a little bit better! We consider our team our family and work hard together to create the best pallets in Georgia. Sizes & Dimensions When you are in the market for buying pallets, the size and dimension of the pallet matters. Not only do we offer traditional sizes and styles, but we are also able to customize orders to meet any requirements you may need! We offer a custom pallet size form for meeting any sizing and style needs you may have! If you need more information, feel free to email us at or call us at (678) 234 - 9565. 24-48 Hour Pick-Up & Delivery Not only do we offer some of the best pallets in the industry, we offer one of the best guarantees. No more waiting days with full loads of pallets for a pickup! D&L Pallets offers speedy pickups once you have called and set a time with our team. We also offer that guarantee when you buy pallets and need them dropped off quickly and efficiently. We are able to do this because we have a fleet of over 50 trailers ready to go where we need them to go! And a fully trained and insured team ready to deliver! Environmentally Friendly We take our environmental footprint very seriously. We work hard to ensure we do not produce products that fall below our high standard of use. In doing that, we must be sure to take any broken and damaged pallets that are no longer repairable and sort them into groups. Some wood we can reuse on other pallets, and some must be mulched. After that wood is mulched it is taken to a local energy company to be used. Read more about pallet recycling. Industry Standards We work to ensure all of our pallets meet and exceed industry standards. Not only do we meet those, but we hold our team to higher standards than typical pallet companies because we want to show our clients we offer a superior product. Come see what we have to offer today! No matter how many, what size or type, D&L Pallets is here to help! Call us today to see how we can meet your pallet needs with the best pallets Georgia has to offer!

  • About D&L Pallets

    When you are in the market for pallets you may have a lot of questions! D&L Pallets is a local company that is family owned. We are always looking to help our community with our pallets! Our specialties include: Wood Pallets Custom Pallet Sizing Pallet Recycling Buying Pallets Selling Pallets If you are looking to buy pallets, look no further! D&L Pallets sells various pallet styles and sizes! General Pallet Sizes: 48x40 (Most Common) 48x48 36x36 We make customized sizes upon request! Common Pallet Types: Block Pallets Stringer Pallets Solid Deck Pallets Double Faced Pallets Double Winged Pallets Reasons we are a leading company in our industry: Our fleet has over 50 enclosed trailers that we can drop off & pick up within a 2 day window guaranteed! We know business can hectic, so we make sure to take one worry off your plate with our speedy service! All you have to do is call. We hold our team to higher standards. What does that mean? Our employees are not paid by the amount of pallets they fix, but at fairly compensated hourly rate. This means they invest more time & energy into the quality of their work, rather than the quantity they are trying to repair. Our pricing is some of the best you can find! We have the capability to customize packages with pricing to fit any size & budget for you company. Fill out our contact form to receive a quote on your order. Buying pallets or selling pallets - We got you covered!

  • Pallet Recycling

    Recycling is vital to the health of our Earth! Here at D&L we go above and beyond to ensure no pallets are wasted in the process of selling, buying or reusing pallets. Go green with D&L Pallets! D&L Pallets works hard to provide quality pallets to our customers. Pallets we can not sell to our clients are recycled to be used in multiple ways. Whether we dismantle them and use the boards or turn them into mulch, no pallet D&L Pallets takes out of circulation ends up in a landfill! With 25+ years of service under our belt, we here at D&L Pallets are experts in all things pallet related. Recycling pallets is important not only to our company, but community as well. We strive to make a positive impact on our environment everyday. Our process is simple! Evaluating Pallets When we receive a shipment of pallets, we sort and evaluate each one based upon multiple criteria. Quality (Condition of each of the boards on the pallet) Size (Is it a common size or is it customized to a business?) Amount of Repairs (The amount of repairs will change the overall grade of the pallet) Style of Pallet (Length, Width & Height) These criteria help us not only price out what we pay our sellers, but also help us decide what can be fixed or what needs to be taken out of circulation. We want to reuse pallets as best as we can, and provide quality repairs, but some pallets can not meet those criteria either. After the pallets have been sorted based upon those factors, we can begin to assess what can and cannot be put back into circulation. Repairable Pallets If a pallet needs moderate repairs, but can safely be fixed, we do those repairs on site. Our team can replace boards and add supports as needed. D&L Pallets does things differently! We want our customers to have the highest quality products. We do not pay our team based upon the amount of pallets they can fix, but based upon the hours they work. This leads to better repairs and higher quality pallets for our clients. Non-Repairable Pallets If pallets do not meet our inspection criteria, we can use our on site machine to cut the pallet. This machine is called a pallet dismantler (pictured on the left). This machine cuts apart the pallets and from there we can determine which pieces of boards are able to be reused to build new pallets, or which need to be recycled. Boards that can no longer be reused are sorted into a pile that we turn into mulch. That mulch is transported off site to an energy company. After arriving at the energy company, the mulch is used to create energy that is cycled back into our community! No piece of any pallet we handle ends up in landfills. Why Choose D&L Pallets? D&L Pallets is committed to offering not only speedy service, but superior service to our customers. We deliver and pick up at unbeatable speeds and offer a quality of service you can't beat. D&L Pallets is also committed to helping the environment and proud to say we do not waste any lumber in our process! Call us today at 678-234-9565 for a quote on buying or selling pallets!

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