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Why Is D&L Pallets the Best Place to Buy Pallets?

Finding a trusted and reliable source for buying pallets can be tricky! Not only do you want to ensure you're getting the right product at a great price point, you also want it delivered on time with quality service!

Here at D&L Pallets we know we are a step above the rest for these very reasons!

Quality Over Quantity

You may be wondering, who makes D&L Pallets the best place to buy pallets in Georgia? Simple! We do. Why? Because we pay by the hour and not by the pallet. Our team does not rush through stacks of pallets everyday with the hopes of making a bit more for themselves. Instead, our team members spend the time making sure every detail is perfect on each and every pallet. We want every pallet that comes through our doors to leave a little bit better! We consider our team our family and work hard together to create the best pallets in Georgia.

Sizes & Dimensions

When you are in the market for buying pallets, the size and dimension of the pallet matters. Not only do we offer traditional sizes and styles, but we are also able to customize orders to meet any requirements you may need!

​General Pallet Sizes We Carry

​Common Pallet Types We Carry

48 X 40

​Block Pallets

​48 X 48

Stringer Pallets

​36 X 36

​Solid Deck

We offer a custom pallet size form for meeting any sizing and style needs you may have! If you need more information, feel free to email us at or call us at (678) 234 - 9565.

24-48 Hour Pick-Up & Delivery

Not only do we offer some of the best pallets in the industry, we offer one of the best guarantees. No more waiting days with full loads of pallets for a pickup! D&L Pallets offers speedy pickups once you have called and set a time with our team. We also offer that guarantee when you buy pallets and need them dropped off quickly and efficiently.

We are able to do this because we have a fleet of over 50 trailers ready to go where we need them to go! And a fully trained and insured team ready to deliver!

Environmentally Friendly

We take our environmental footprint very seriously. We work hard to ensure we do not produce products that fall below our high standard of use. In doing that, we must be sure to take any broken and damaged pallets that are no longer repairable and sort them into groups. Some wood we can reuse on other pallets, and some must be mulched. After that wood is mulched it is taken to a local energy company to be used.

Industry Standards

We work to ensure all of our pallets meet and exceed industry standards. Not only do we meet those, but we hold our team to higher standards than typical pallet companies because we want to show our clients we offer a superior product. Come see what we have to offer today!

No matter how many, what size or type, D&L Pallets is here to help! Call us today to see how we can meet your pallet needs with the best pallets Georgia has to offer!

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