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About D&L Pallets

Stacks of wooden pallets  and boards

When you are in the market for pallets you may have a lot of questions! D&L Pallets is a local company that is family owned. We are always looking to help our community with our pallets!

Our specialties include:


If you are looking to buy pallets, look no further! D&L Pallets sells various pallet styles and sizes!

Front of D&L Pallets warehouse

General Pallet Sizes:

  • 48x40 (Most Common)

  • 48x48

  • 36x36

  • We make customized sizes upon request!

  • Block Pallets

  • Stringer Pallets

  • Solid Deck Pallets

  • Double Faced Pallets

  • Double Winged Pallets


Reasons we are a leading company in our industry:

5 tractor trailers out of D&L Pallet's fleet

Our fleet has over 50 enclosed trailers that we can drop off & pick up within a 2 day window guaranteed! We know business can hectic, so we make sure to take one worry off your plate with our speedy service! All you have to do is call.

Man repairing pallets

We hold our team to higher standards. What does that mean? Our employees are not paid by the amount of pallets they fix, but at fairly compensated hourly rate. This means they invest more time & energy into the quality of their work, rather than the quantity they are trying to repair.

Pallets stacked in an enclosed trailer

Our pricing is some of the best you can find! We have the capability to customize packages with pricing to fit any size & budget for you company. Fill out our contact form to receive a quote on your order. Buying pallets or selling pallets - We got you covered!

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