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Pallet Recycling

Earth inside of Recycling symbol with text : Environmentally Friendly Recycled Materials

Recycling is vital to the health of our Earth! Here at D&L we go above and beyond to ensure no pallets are wasted in the process of selling, buying or reusing pallets. Go green with D&L Pallets!

D&L Pallets works hard to provide quality pallets to our customers. Pallets we can not sell to our clients are recycled to be used in multiple ways. Whether we dismantle them and use the boards or turn them into mulch, no pallet D&L Pallets takes out of circulation ends up in a landfill!

With 25+ years of service under our belt, we here at D&L Pallets are experts in all things pallet related. Recycling pallets is important not only to our company, but community as well. We strive to make a positive impact on our environment everyday. Our process is simple!

Evaluating Pallets

When we receive a shipment of pallets, we sort and evaluate each one based upon multiple criteria.

Man standing in a warehouse surrounded by pallets and pieces of boards. He is wearing a baseball cap and blue shirt, working with a machine.
  • Quality (Condition of each of the boards on the pallet)

  • Size (Is it a common size or is it customized to a business?)

  • Amount of Repairs (The amount of repairs will change the overall grade of the pallet)

  • Style of Pallet (Length, Width & Height)

These criteria help us not only price out what we pay our sellers, but also help us decide what can be fixed or what needs to be taken out of circulation. We want to reuse pallets as best as we can, and provide quality repairs, but some pallets can not meet those criteria either.

After the pallets have been sorted based upon those factors, we can begin to assess what can and cannot be put back into circulation.

Repairable Pallets

If a pallet needs moderate repairs, but can safely be fixed, we do those repairs on site. Our team can replace boards and add supports as needed.

D&L Pallets does things differently! We want our customers to have the highest quality products. We do not pay our team based upon the amount of pallets they can fix, but based upon the hours they work. This leads to better repairs and higher quality pallets for our clients.

Non-Repairable Pallets

If pallets do not meet our inspection criteria, we can use our on site machine to cut the pallet.

Man in warehouse using a dismantler to disassemble pallets

This machine is called a pallet dismantler (pictured on the left). This machine cuts apart the pallets and from there we can determine which pieces of boards are able to be reused to build new pallets, or which need to be recycled.

Boards that can no longer be reused are sorted into a pile that we turn into mulch. That mulch is transported off site to an energy company. After arriving at the energy company, the mulch is used to create energy that is cycled back into our community! No piece of any pallet we handle ends up in landfills.

Why Choose D&L Pallets?

D&L Pallets is committed to offering not only speedy service, but superior service to our customers. We deliver and pick up at unbeatable speeds and offer a quality of service you can't beat.

D&L Pallets is also committed to helping the environment and proud to say we do not waste any lumber in our process!

Call us today at 678-234-9565 for a quote on buying or selling pallets!

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