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With more than 25 years of service we have the knowledge to help you with any pallet needs you have.

We buy all sizes of pallets, big and small. We also take damaged pallets. Click below to see our Products.

D&L Pallets is a family owned business started over 25 years ago with a single flat bed truck and 2 hard working truck drivers helping people to get rid of their wood pallets that were just taking up space. Years of hard work and a commitment to providing our customers with the very best has helped us to grow to where we are today. From 1 truck to a fleet of 50 tractor trailers, D&L Pallets has the touch and care to work with small businesses while also having the size to support major distribution centers.

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D&L Pallets Inc.


Our goal at D&L Pallets is to make pallets our problem, not yours. We don't want your pallet problem to affect your business operations. Businesses have many tasks in their day to day operations and pallets being another issue to address on a regular basis just isn't necessary with D&L around. On top of helping give business some peace of mind, we also offer top dollar for those pallets and to make it even better, we take all pallets. We will take any size pallet, big or small. We will take any quality pallet, good or broken. D&L Pallets take them ALL! D&L Pallets will pick up your used pallets within days of the sale to give you the smoothest service possible.

If getting rid of pallets is not your problem, don't worry, D&L sells pallets too. We sell the most common pallet sizes but we can also do custom pallet sizes. That's right, we do custom pallet sizes, because the most common pallet size may not be exactly what you need. With our own wood cutting shop on location, we have the ability to make a pallet any shape or size. We also now offer HEAT TREATED PALLETS so if you are looking for that, D&L has you covered. Looking to buy pallets near you? D&L Pallets has you covered!

We do everything we can to make sure our customers and our employees are taken care of, they are a part of our family!

Call us: 678-234-9565

Need a quote to buy or sell pallets?

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