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D&L Pallets - We BUY and SELL Pallets

If you are in need of pallets, D&L Pallets has you covered. Whatever size, new or recycled, D&L can supply you with the wood pallets you need. We also offer HEAT TREATED PALLETS (read a little bit more about heat treated pallets below). If you don't need any more wood pallets but have plenty to spare, we will buy them from you. We can even drop off a trailer for you to fill with pallets and then, when it's full, we can pick them up and pay you for each pallet. 

D&L offers you quality products, the best customer service around and quick & reliable pickup/delivery. Don't miss out. Call the experts in wooden pallets today!



Need to BUY some Pallets?

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Want to SELL your Pallets?

Fill out the form below to buy the pallets you need

For a quote, call or email us at:

Get info on our pallet products

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Heat Treated Pallets?

How it Works

If you need pallets, contact us and we can get you whatever you need.

We will drop off the pallets for you.

If you need more pallets, come back to us and we will get you whatever you need. But don't stop there...

We don't just sell pallets, we will also pay top dollar for your pallets. And if you have a large number of pallets we will drop a trailer(480 pallets).

We work with ALL pallets

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Heat Treated Pallet?

Fill out our custom pallet form on the Desktop or Tablet version. On mobile, fill out our buy pallets form or go to the contact page.

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Pallet Types

How it Works

Contact us to sell whatever pallets you have. Good or broken we will take them.

We pick up the pallets and pay you top dollar for them.

Need more pallets now? We will sell you any pallets you need. Once you are done with them and need to get them out of the way again, we will buy them back, good or broken, and pay you top dollar.

Heat Treated Pallets

Check below for some information on heat treated pallets and why the are so popular

Heat treating a pallet is a method of sterilizing the wood to remove all hazardous materials,  making the pallets safer, environmentally friendly, and better suited for shipment and international shipment. The process involves heating the pallet to a minimum core temperature of at least 132 °F for at least 30 minutes. There are many reasons to use the heat treating process on pallets and those reasons are also why heat treated pallets are so widely used today. Not only are heat treated pallets safer and more environmentally friendly but they are more durable and lighter than standard wooden pallets and they last much longer. Heat treating pallets achieves these benefits from the heating process. The heat takes out any moisture, insects, or bugs from the wood which greatly help to increase the longevity of the pallet. Heat treating helps in every way to improve the strength, weight, and longevity of wooden pallets as well as making them safer and more environmentally friendly. The real question is not how can these pallets help you? But, why are you not already using them? Talk to D&L Pallets today to get your heat treated pallets.


D&L Pallets Inc.


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Custom Pallets

Custom pallets are possible at D&L Pallets! We are here to discuss any pallet projects you have! Our form above has details on ordering/requesting custom sized pallets. After filling out the form one of our professionals will get back to you on how we can make it happen for you!

Wooden pallets are fully customizable and we would love the opportunity to help you with whatever size pallet you need. We are a local family owned company and look forward to working with you! If you have any questions about custom wood pallets, reach out to us through our website, phone or email. Thank you for choosing D&L Pallets!

Custom wood pallets can be made using various types of pallets. We carry Block, Stringer, Double Wing, Double-face, and Solid deck pallets. If you don't see the type you need feel free to contact us. We are here to help with any questions or concerns about pallets. 

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