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We deal with all pallets big, small, new, used, broken or anything else. When it comes to pallets, D&L Pallets has you covered. Take a look below and see all of the pallets that we normally see in our day to day operations. Don't see the pallets you below that you need? We still got you covered. Head on over to our Custom Pallet Size form and input the size and type that you need. Or you can go to our Contact page and fill out the contact form with your information and what kind of pallets you need and we will get in contact with you.

General Pallet Sizes:

  • 48x40 (Most Common)

  • 48x48

  • 36x36

Common Pallet Types:

  • Block Pallets

  • Stringer Pallets

  • Solid Deck

Pallet Types

This section has information on some of the most common types of pallets. We deal with all types of pallets so if you don't see what you need below we can still help you with whatever you need. You can also check out our Services page and fill out our custom pallet size form.

Image of a block pallet

Block Pallet

Block pallets are true 4-way entry pallets and are great for automated material handling processes, saving on overall transportation, storage and material handling space. Typically, block pallets use 4 to 12 blocks to support the top deckboards. Between the blocks and the deckboards are thin stringers, which form a mat with the deckboard. Block pallets are a durable, sustainable load unitization solution. Great for automated material handling processes, saving on overall transportation, storage and material handling space.

image of a stringer pallet

Stringer Pallet

A stringer pallet is called that because it uses "stringers," which support the unit load. The stringers are the boards, typically 2 x 4's or 3 x 4's, sandwiched between the top and bottom deck boards. The most common available and in-use today, these pallets are fully customizable and are easy to repair, reuse and recycle. Stringer pallets are generally thought of as “two-way” pallets, meaning a forklift or pallet jack can only access them on two sides, but stringer pallets can be notched (for a forklift) or chamfered (for a pallet jack) on the non-accessible sides to allow for four way entry.

image of a double faced pallet

Double-Faced Pallet

A typical double face pallet has bottom and top deck boards that extend past the stringers. This makes the pallets appear as if they have wings on the side. The bottom deck in these pallets provides it with increased strength and the ability to hold the unit’s load with great ease and convenience. The bottom deck also evenly distributes the weight of the entire load. These pallets are available in two main types; reversible and non-reversible. The latter only has one surface with planks that are densely packed while the former has items on both sides and can be flipped easily. Both these types are great for storing and packing different types of items.

image of a solid deck pallet

Solid Deck Pallet

Solid deck pallets are pallets that don’t have any gaps or spaces on their top deck. Their most distinctive features or qualities are that they are very easy to clean and transport. These pallets are mainly used for the transportation of small objects. Solid deck pallets have been shown to sustain lesser damage overall than other types of pallets and they are also a lot easier to repair and use again. This makes them an excellent option to use for numerous purposes given the multiple benefits attached with solid deck pallets.

image of a double winged pallet

Double Wing Pallet

In Double-Wing pallets, the top and the bottom decks extend beyond the stringers to offer additional surface area; making these pallets useful to transport a large number of goods all at once. Pallets are made with wings to hold higher weights. With longer deck boards comes more wood, and more wood will be slightly more resistant to stress. Having a pallet with wings also increases the surface area product can be placed on, increasing the unit-load area. The extra overhang in winged pallets also decreases the likelihood that the deck board end will have splits from being fastened to the blocks or stringers. Winged pallets can also be useful for certain automated systems.

How much are pallets?

Pallet costs depend upon many factors. If you are wondering how much pallets cost, that can really change depending on what you are looking for! D&L Pallets offers customized pricing for each of their clients, so we can best suit their needs.

Every style & size pallet has a unit price, but depending upon the amount of pallets you are looking to buy, that price could vary. The larger the quantity of pallets, the more likely we can give you liquidation or wholesale pallet pricing.

If you are interested in our pallet cost, please reach out to us by our contact form or give us a call. This is the only way we can properly answer how much pallets cost, for you!

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